Mom’s Birthday!!

Good Morning!

So today is my mother’s birthday and she was lucky enough to spend the day with me in DC (just kidding…even though I’m not really). Today we spent most of our time learning how to use the Metro. Being good with directions I don’t think this will be much of an issue. However, I definitely did get off on one of the wrong stops today. I’m probably one of the only people riding the Metro to think it was kind of fun. I know that this is only because of the newness of it all and the fact that in Houston it is so unheard of to use public transportation in such access.. Luckily my house is about an 8 minute walk from the nearest Metro Station. Now I may not be in the safest neighborhood in DC and mace may be illegal in the district, but I really think I’ll be okay. Here’s a look at the path for your viewing pleasure:

ok….so it may not look like the safest path in the world (especially at night), but I think it’ll work for when I come home late at night!!

Besides our Metro Stops …I took my mom to the Eastern Market to get breakfast. They had the FLUFFIEST pancakes either. I have to say…these pancakes beat any other pancakes I’ve ever had in life…If you don’t believe me look here.

Market Lunch Blueberry Pancakes!

The place was set within this cool little market that sold fish, meat, fruit, pastries…pretty much like a hippie grocery store. It was great. Then we took a stop by GW so I could show my mom around my future grad school. By then my feet were killing me and I underestimated how much walking literally sucks. After not being able to take it much longer I had to go back to my mom’s hotel for a nap. I have to say the highlight of the day was definitely going to birthday dinner with my mom at Matchbox. We had pizza, drinks, dessert!! It was a fabulous time (even though we took the Metro in torrential downpour). I have to say…this day was a WIN!


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