Fire Escape…


So today was my first day at my new internship AND BOY WAS IT EXCITING!! However, I bet you’re also wondering why I have this picture of this wonderful FireTruck…Well don’t worry I will explain shortly. Just like any typical first day I met a lot of people, shook a lot of hands, did a tour of the office, and tried to remember everyone’s name (which is super difficult for me by the way, but I’m working on it). I got a feel for my future duties for my summer internship and everything seemed pretty good so far (and I get an hour break for lunch!! That’s so unheard of to me). Well after lunch I was diving in, already helping out where I needed to when low and behold, we are told to evacuate the building. Being myself, I was not taken aback or frightened by this situation (more like highly amused). So apparently there was a fire on the roof of the building. I guess workers were doing construction up there and could NOT handle the workload so they started a fire. Lucky for everyone in the building we were forced to go home for the rest of the day. SCORE!!! So I have to say getting out at 3 instead of 5 was pretty cool.


So you may also be wondering what I did with all that excess time!! Well I decided to go to the NATIONAL POSTAL MUSEUM!!! You may be thinking what a weirdo, but don’t worry…I thought it was pretty interesting and best of all its FREE of charge! Here are some pics from my adventure at the Postal Museum:



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