I Need to Get Used to This

So…..I need to get used to this whole walking around, metro, metro, more walking around and walk some more. Today I needed to pick up some groceries (for my adult lifestyle). What would normally take me about takes me 20 minutes takes me an hour. Why, you ask? Because I have to now carry all my groceries on my shoulder and walk home -_-. It is quite an adventurous experience. Luckily for me I spent about 30 minutes getting groceries. After I left the store and started walking home I realized that I forgot an essential ingredient and had to turn around (with my 20 pound bag). I guess I’ll have to get used to being in these work clothes, walking around with bags digging into my shoulders, while every part of my body is sweating (sounds pleasant huh?). Either way, I’m glad for this opportunity even if I wake up with back pain and my hair looks like “who dunnit and what for”!


Happy Monday! 


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