The Escalator Stare Down…

Escalator  Subway- Going up

Escalator Subway- Going up (Photo credit: blmiers2)

One thing that I noticed on my way to work. There are 2 lanes on the escalator. If you do NOT realize that then you my friend will get the escalator stare down. So what will definitely piss a Washingtonian off is to be in the middle of the escalator during rush hour. Usually the culprit of these faux pas (yes that’s plural) are tourists who don’t understand that the left of the escalator is for walking and the right is for squatting/standing. So I saw some pedestrians failing at this rule by STANDING, standing on the LEFT(walking) side of the escalator. If you could’ve seen these Washingtonians look at them like they were some crazies, you would realize this is something you DO NOT do…Be aware my friends! Know the rules of the Metro Escalators and escalators in general. You are Welcome!


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