If you were wondering…

Many of you may be wondering the purpose of the blog several posts in. No, it’s not a food blog, fashion blog, or a commentary on DC politics (although my blog could potentially seem like all of those). This blog is mainly used to document my new life (and hopefully new career) in DC and at George Washington University where I’ll be studying in the fall. While my blog will focus on that in a sense I want this to be my personal diary of my journey through this uncharted territory. This city and everything in it is very new to me, and I must learn how to manage it.

While here for the summer I’ll be interning at a place called MWCOG (Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments). This is a non-profit organization that works on regional solutions to a varied number of issues. I wasn’t sure what I was planning for this summer, so when I received that call I was pretty ecstatic. As the public health intern my goal is to plan/create a farmers market in the local area. This is pretty exciting for me because as an intern I won’t be folding envelopes and making copies, I’ll actually be doing something! For this reason I visited a few farmers markets in the areas. Now I don’t know how other cities work, but DC has a TON of farmers market. Occurring basically every day, these markets sell local produce or food from local vendors. It is pretty neat. I had a Sweet Tea popsicle that tasted EXACTLY like Sweet Tea (Surprise huh?). It really adds texture to the landscape of DC when the local culture thrives so well here. Here are some pics from my Farmers Market Journey. This is basically my research as I begin my process of creating my own farmers market.




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