If you didn’t already know I’m going to be studying Health Policy in the fall. I’m not sure how I ended up right here, but just so you know, it’s exactly where I wanted to end up. Public Health is a exponentially growing field and it encompasses so much of our lives every single day. This has become one of my passions and I hope I’m able to really do something inspiring with it. Today at a Health Officials meeting for MWCOG (my internship) the officials were discussing the decrease in the rate of homicide in the region. Of course this is great news. However, they noticed that everything wasn’t so great. While the rate of homicide in the region, it is the rate of suicide that is steadily in the region. With mental health being very important it is shocking to hear that the suicide rate is higher than the homicide rate (albeit not surprising). Mental Health is a huge issue within the public health arena. Even today it is considered to be a subject brushed over. We’ve all seen it. The bullying that happens in schools that leads young kids to commit suicide, the increase in cyber bullying, the increasing pressures of college (ya we all know that all to well), the lack of mental health resources, the incarceration of petty criminals who do not receive proper care in prisons. This list is pretty endless with what is going on. I hope to look more into the issue and figure out what is really going on and if there are solutions and resources available. I know something is out there. We shall see. Anyways, if you’re feeling stressed, down and out, or feel like giving up just talk to someone. There’s always people out there to listen. Mental Health is just as important as physical health!


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