Weekend Excursions – Episode 1

So this was my first real weekend in the lovely District of Columbia (as I was out of town last weekend). This being my first chance to learn the city I wanted to make sure that I didn’t coop myself up in the house and roamed freely throughout the city. I have to say it was pretty successful. It’s very new to me to have to do pretty much EVERYTHING on my own. I tend to be a person who likes to always be around people, so this is very foreign to literally go everywhere by myself. That wasn’t going to stop me though. I had an amazing time exploring different parts of DC. I don’t want to do too much in one weekend because there is a lot to explore. I want to make sure I see everything pretty thoroughly so by time classes start in the fall (so I can be an expert on DC life).

So first… I decided to visit the World Famous Museum of Natural History! By the way, I think it’s amazing that the museums in DC is free. I’ve never been in a city where that has been the case (do you know how much money they would get if people paid for admission). It’s fascinating to me that the city harbors a sense of learning more and being inquisitive about all things. That may be one of my favorite things about this city.

I took some pictures on the inside, but I definitely don’t want to ruin the grandeur of this museum. You could literally be in there for hours just looking at everything (let alone reading everything). I especially love it because it was in the movie Night at The Museum with Ben Stiller (one of my favorite movies ever). Everyone should go to this museum. It’s like being a kid all over again. So cool.

After the Museum of Natural History I visited the Hirsshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. This museum typically displays modern art and sculptures (obviously). It was pretty cool. I’m one of those people who wishes I was artistically inclined, but I’m not :/.

After visiting two museums, my feet were aching (I really need to find some comfortable shoes..Crocs?). After my visit to the museums I traveled over to Dupont Circle. This area is historically a LGBT zone in the city, however, I didn’t see much LGBT life. Maybe I went at the wrong time. I did find some really good ice cream and eat some Chipotle though. Afterwards I visited Columbia Heights which has the bigger stores like Target, BestBuy and Marshall’s. On Sunday I visited Eastern Market where there have a huge flea market. It’s amazing. You can buy fresh fruit, produce, antiques, lotions, jewelry. They pretty much have everything (except for animals). Note to myself: I need to stay away from this area or I will be poor!


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