Metro Fail…

So I know that I recently posted about my newfound/potential status as a local Washingtonian. However, today I realized that the title of local may be far from true. Ever since I arrived in DC I’ve been taking the Metro (rail) to work. However, this Metro requires me to walk about a half a mile before I even get to the Metro Station. Being the person I am this is not good for my skin, my hair, or my back/shoes. This is why I decided that I need to learn how to use the metro bus. The metro bus literally picks you up from your house and drops you off wherever you need to go (if you know the right bus). I don’t know why I waited until the work day to learn but I tend to do a lot of things that don’t make the most sense at times. So here I go. I walk to the bus stop which is literally like 2 blocks from my row house. I wait and wait and wait. Worried that it won’t come I call that wonderful number that they put on the bus stop. Well, it says my bus is going to come so I wait some more. Oh look! There’s the bus! Score! I get on. I pay with my SmarTrip card (which has no funds on it btw…smh). I’m on the bus WHOO! but Wait…Now what?? So while I’m on this wonderful piece of public transportation I obviously do not realize that I have to transfer buses. Ok cool, that’s okay I’ll figure it out. Oh wait, did my bus turn right? But my job is definitely straight. Ok Lauren don’t panic you’ll figure it out (even though you are already late for work). Oh okay so I’m going to the other side of town now and now I give myself a little room to panic (in a calm sort-of way). After going to a whole different neighborhood I decide to get off the bus and get on the Metro (rail) to go back to my work destination. So not only did I screw up the bus situation, I STILL had to take the Metro. I obviously need my local Washingtonian card to be revoked. However, I WILL NOT give up. I will master this public transportation thing if it’s the last thing I do (today).

Metro Bus Stayed True

The buses here hate me :/


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