My 2nd Attempt at becoming a chef…

For this one I’ll give myself a strong B-. I didn’t fail, but I feel like I definitely could have done a better job. So I went on food again to find an easy recipe to make that would also last me for about a good few days. However, my house doesn’t have enough tools for me to create a recipe with ease. The main thing that I’m really missing is a pot large enough to boil noodles. How do you just not have large size pots! All my house has is skillets and one smaller pot. Since I’m not buying kitchen utensils until I move into my other apartment, I had to make due with what I had. However, my noodles were WAY too big to cook in a smaller pot. Either way, my goal was to make penne with spinach sauce. This is what the recipe was supposed to produce….

Here is how it turned out…..

Ok….so maybe I deserve a C-. But at least I tried right?? ehhhh…..maybe next time.


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