Health Care for ALL!

Seeing as my main reason for moving to DC and pursuing a MPH in Health Policy, this is pretty cool to me. So today is a huge day in our nation’s history (well health history at least). Today the Supreme Court decided to uphold the Affordable Care Act which will allow pretty much everyone (except a select few) to purchase health care. This is a huge deal for health care and I think it’s a great start to where we are trying to go in the future. I know there are still issues and kinks that need to be worked out, but that is nothing new. Moreover, it was amazing that I work about 7 minutes away from the Capitol and the Supreme Court! For this reason I was able to take a field trip right there!! I was able to get up and close to the action. Although there were tons of protestors when I arrived, it’s pretty amazing how accessible you are to the policy that affects the country. This makes me happy that I ended up here. So here’s some documentation of my journey!!

Here’s a link you can read to show you how this ruling affects you…


Great experience. Loved every minute of it. It will be interesting to see what happens from this moment on.

Supporters and Protestors Mill Around

Beautiful building!

Some of the protestors…this one intrigued me

this one was pretty creative as well.

Guess who I saw standing in the crowd y’all?! It’s JESUS!


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