Zipcar! WIN!

As everyone probably knows now my baby boy Lightning McQueen is no longer with me. As much as I love my car, it would be a hassle for me to bring him up here. The cost of parking here is just too crazy and it’s just not really necessary when public transportation is pretty great here (albeit annoying at times). However, sometimes it’s necessary to have a car (especially when you need to make large purchases, grocery shopping, or go somewhere kind of far). For this reason I applied for a zip car! It’s such a cool company and system. You just sign up, get a zipcard, and you can find cars that are near you (on an iPhone app of course). Then you walk to your car, press the card against the window and the doors unlock! Purely fascinating! So the other day I tried to see what all the hype was about.

My first ZIPCAR!! and it’s cool!

So where did I go in my first zip car….I went shopping of course!

I overestimated how much time I needed but it was still great. It also reminded me how much I miss driving. By the way driving is one of my favorite pastimes. It’s very relaxing. I was able to get lost (sort-of) and take a little driving tour of the city.


Only con was that once I returned the car I still had to get on the Metro and then walk home. The Zipcar company would be pretty amazing if they could just pick up the car from wherever your last stop was. Hmmmm…maybe one day.


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