So…not my best idea ever

I’m still getting used to living without being quickly accessible to everything. Now that Lightning McQueen (my Mazda3) is no longer in my possession I have to live a little bit differently. I have to plan my travel more often here just because I have to do things like wait for the next bus. Of course, this is not normal for me. This is especially inconvenient when I need to do important things like go grocery shopping. So what am I supposed to do? Buy 2 items so I’m able to walk home…well that sucks! So my best friend Kristen gave me a great idea so that I could go grocery shopping, get everything I needed, and save money on public transportation. I took my suitcase to the grocery store by way of 10 minute walk to get there. I got my groceries (about 90 dollars worth…I don’t know how that happened honestly) and I put all my groceries into my suitcase. I realized on my way back how poor of an idea that was (no shade to Kristen’s amazing idea though). First, the suitcase was way too heavy so I couldn’t roll it on all 4 wheels (ya it’s a 4-wheeler).Second, it felt like 107 degrees outside. So here I am trying to roll this heavy suitcase filled with groceries and the wheels basically start shredding!! So now I’m rolling the suitcase (of course with still a half-mile to walk) on basically 2 wheels. I had to pray that I’d make it home and not just leave my grocery-filled suitcase there. It was so rough, I didn’t know if I’d make it. AND when I finally made it home after my 10 minute walk turned into about a 25 minute walk, my bread was SQUISHED!! OH THE HORROR !! I’m never doing that again…ever!


Here is evidence of the horror….so shameful


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