Happy Independence Day!!

I remember when I was younger my parents would take me (and my brother once he was born) to Marksville, Louisiana to spend the 4th of July with my family down there. Now, Marksville is probably as country as it gets but it’s always good time with family. Years later, my usual trip down to Marksville has been replaced with my stay here in Washington DC (I guess I can call it an upgrade). In my opinion, everyone should spend a 4th of July in DC. It’s something about being in the nation’s capitol that tugs on the American heart strings. It’s kind of similar to people going to NYC for New Years Eve (you just HAVE to do it!). I have to say my 4th of July was pretty splendid. I got to watch the view from a rooftop (thanks for the invite Ryann!) and I met a lot of really cool people. It was nice to spend some time with people who were my age and with very similar ambitions to mine. It makes for really good conversation. Although it was scorching hot outside, that didn’t stop anyone from relaxing by the rooftop pool with some drinks waiting for the fireworks to begin. When the fireworks began, they BEGAN!! I assumed that we would see the short fireworks show from the National Mall. Boy, I was wrong! If you did a 360 degree view around the rooftop you could see fireworks at every turn. Some were closer up and some were very far away but it was beautiful. It was like everyone was really celebrating at the same time. For a second it’s like all the labels and injustices in our country just stopped and we all celebrated being an American. It was wonderful. All though being on the mall would have been cool, I think being on the rooftop with friends was a great way to spend a great day. Just imagine fireworks radiating from every direction. It’s pretty amazing.

Happy 4th Everyone!


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