If you haven’t heard yet, Frank Ocean has revealed on his blog (frankocean.com) that his first love was a man. This is mind-blowing (in a great way) because he could really change the way hip hop views sexuality in the black community. In the past, hip hop culture has had the tendency to be very homophobic to the point that it affects the entire black community. Especially when I read articles about how 1 in 5 black women in DC have HIV (not saying that being gay leads to HIV..definitely not!! But there is a culture of down low black men not informing their female partners about their male partners, and that’s just unsafe from a public health perspective). With that being said there has to be some cultural relevance to Hip Hop’s portrayal of sexuality (hyper-masculine, homophobic, surprisingly conservative, misogynistic behavior) that causes a lot of issues in the black community. Frank Ocean could really be a huge activist in the black community & Hip-Hop community on our view of gay culture and gay rights. America has come a long way, but the African American community has not been so quick to follow these trends. It will be interesting to see how Frank Ocean’s career will be affected by his coming-out (I think it will grow to be honest) and if other artists/rappers will follow his lead (because I know they are out there).

Also…because his music is so wonderful I thought I’d post one of his new songs that I’ve fallen in love with!




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