Shocked at People Sometimes…

So imagine that you’re with a friend, taking a nice walk through Chinatown, DC. You decide to get food, do a little shopping, and maybe even hit up the National Portrait Gallery. As you come across the intersection waiting to cross the street you hear the loud banter of men. This sound is reminiscent of protesting. Looking to your right you see a group of men who honestly look like the Black version of the KKK. Low and behold, it is a group of black supremacists protesting relationships of homosexuals and how they are a disgrace to God and mankind. This is probably one of the most disturbing protests I have ever seen and the fact that it is so blatant around a very nice neighborhood in DC shocks me more. Apparently, ISUPK (you can look it up) comes to the corner of H and 7th often to protest their views. Although we all have a right to free speech it is sad to see people who live with such hatred in their hearts. It really disturbed me on a personal level. This was an extreme group and to me I felt unsafe walking past them. However, it was nice to see that most people didn’t give them the time of day. I say ignore them and hopefully they’ll disappear.


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