¡Viva Obama!

What a day yesterday was! Ever since yesterday I have been ecstatic by the news/announcements that President Barack Obama has been re-elected for his second term. I feel even luckier that I now live in DC to witness the history 1st hand. America definitely made history last night, albeit a crazy and daunting process. Throughout the day I was literally writhing in my seat during class wondering what was going to happen. This election had so much at stake with regards to marriage equality, women’s reproductive rights, education and much more. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack or a nervous breakdown. I couldn’t even focus on the 5 (yes 5!!) hours of class where I had to sit there and act like I cared about what was going on. NO, I DID NOT CARE!! I just wanted to know who the President was going to be. After running out of class to watch the results I waited anxiously as the electoral votes slowly creeped up. In my head I was thinking, when is this going to end!!! Being my nervous self and over consuming on fluids I took a quick bathroom break and when I returned President Obama had 274 elector votes!! WHOAAA! I was excited, but in my head I wondered why I’m the person who always walks in the room 2 seconds too late. SMH! Either way, so what does everyone do when they’ve just found out the president won AND that we live in the nation’s capital, well we RUN to the WHITE HOUSE of course!! I left my place of residence and immediately heard cheering in the streets. Literally like the song “Dancing in the Streets” but at night and very cold. Everyone was flocking to the White House, so excited by what just happened and happy that the 2 years of ridiculous campaigning has finally drawn to a close. I write this post not only because everyone needs to experience the White House after an election, but because there was never a moment in my life where I felt more American. I was so proud of my country and I was so happy that I was able to celebrate it up close. All four states (Minnesota, Maine, Washington and Maryland) legalized same-sex marriage and two states (Colorado and Washington) legalized the use of recreational marijuana. It was a great night and I’m so happy to be able to say I lived and experienced during the time of President Obama. It’s going to be a great 4 years!!


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